We are now closed for the 2021 Season. Stay tuned for special holiday events, and be ready to come pick some beautiful flowers in the spring of 2022.

Thank you for making our first year a tremendous success!

Locally grown cut flowers. 
Come pick your perfect bouquet!

Dates and times will be subject to seasons, weather, and floral availability. If you have questions, please feel free to email or call us.


Pick Your Own Bouquet

Come to the farm to pick your own special bouquet. You will be provided a vase with fresh water and some clippers. Feel free to wander among our rows and arrange your one-of-a-kind bouquet. We will offer vases at different sizes and prices, and even an extra large bucket if you want to cut an abundance of blooms!

Special Events

Get your bridesmaids together for a special day on the farm. Each member of your bridal party can create a special arrangement.  

Have your birthday party under our porch. 

Get together with your friends and learn how to arrange flowers.

Have a small family gathering or retreat.

We welcome you to our farm!  Please contact us for pricing and reservations.

Photography Sessions

The flowers on our farm make a beautiful backdrop for all your photography needs. You're welcome to take all the candid pictures you want on the farm (and tag us in them!)
We ask that professional photographers contact us for pricing and appointments.  We want to make sure you have plenty of flowers and the perfect props for your photo sessions.

Dewy Flowers

Come Pick with Us at  Moonflower Farms

You Pick Directions

Pull into the gravel  parking lot in front of the barn, or park in the grassy area to your left.

Head inside the barn (or to the porch) to pick up your container and clippers. Your vase will already be filled with water. One of us will be there  to welcome you and give you a few instructions. We will have a variety of containers at different price points. We accept cash, debit/credit cards, and Venmo.


Cut your stem to the length of your forearm

Cutting deep into the plant ensures sturdy, healthy stems and keeps the flowers blooming longer. You can always re-cut your stems to fit the size of your container later. A good rule of thumb is to cut at the “V” on the plant where the stem branches. Feel free to ask us if you need help! 

Strip off all the leaves just below the flower and leave them in the path.

You don’t want any leaves to be in the water. They take up more space and reduce the vase life of your flowers.

Bonus: The fewer leaves, the more flowers you can fit in your vase!

Put your flowers in water immediately so they last longer.       

Flowers need plenty of water to drink, especially on  hot summer days. Change out the water in your arrangement each day to lengthen vase life.                                           

Before you go!

Share your beautiful blooms on social media and be sure to tag us at @Moonflower_Farms on Instagram and Moonflower Farms on Facebook.  We will occasionally hold contests and giveaways for those who help us boost our social media presence. Feel free to hang out on our porch, visit with your friends, listen to music, and rearrange your bouquets. Head back through the barn to return your clippers. Don't forget to shop for t-shirts, hats, drinks, and snacks. We hope you’ll come back to see us!